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We hire out quality IT staff by the month for an hourly rate as low as US$4.03. Our staff are based at our first-class facilities in India and the Philippines. We provide an unprecedented mix of quality and value-for-money.

Special Offer
Save up to 50% for the first three months

Enjoy the Oktober festivities with deep discounts on a range of our featured staff. Discounts apply for six months (or until you discontinue service, whichever occurs first) and will be applied as a refund against each monthly service payment.

Android+iOS Developer
Smart programmer with strong problem solving skills. Android, iOS, PhoneGap, Objective C, Cocoa Touch, HTML5, JSON, PayPal, Stripe, Android Pay...
Available: Immediately
Price per month (USD): $649 Part-time

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How it works

Why Us?

We are an established outsourcing provider with robust infrastructure, qualified staff and truly unbeatable prices.

How It Works

Simply sign up to hire our expert staff. We will assign one (or more) of our employees to work for you from our offices. You assign work directly to that person (or team).


Our first-class premises have robust and reliable infrastructure including full backup power, uninterruptable power supply, redundant ISP connections and more.

14-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied when you hire a staff member on a month-to-month basis then you can cancel within the first 14 days and we will refund the unused proportion of your fees in full.

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Cost Control
Cost Control
  • No hidden costs
  • Effective cost control through efficient workflow management
  • Pay only for the time you use
  • Flexible service period
  • No setup fees
Project Control
Project Control
  • Project management is totally under your control
  • Prioritize tasks based on your project needs
  • You assign tasks and staff report back to you with updates
  • Staff report directly to you without any intermediaries
Time Control
Time Control
  • Shift hours are pre-published and always known to you
  • Scale-up resources when required
  • 40 hours of work every week (includes meal breaks)
  • No support hours lost due to leave
  • Effective proprietary project management tool available or use your own
  • Receive project progress reports at intervals of your choice
  • Real-time communication available via text chat
  • We only use licensed software/images
  • Project specific code is never reused
  • Your confidentiality is assured
  • You own the code
Quality Control
Quality Control
  • Use your own version control system
  • You can directly review the work daily
  • Apply/enforce your own coding standards to suit your project needs