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Hire .NET developers in India for your C#, VB.NET and F# projects

No fuss month-to-month hiring for the short- or long-term.

Trusted by innovators, entrepreneurs, digital studios and tech companies

Because we offer a genuinely better remote team

Trusted by tech companies
Average .NET Developer Experience
9.4 Years
Customer Staying More Than 5 Years
Hours Of Service
5+ Million

Hire a .NET/C# developer unlike the others

More experience

Our .NET developers have a whopping 9.4 years of experience on average.

Stronger skills

We hire the top 1% then enhance their skills through training and live projects before deployment.

Turn-key service

Everything you need is provided out-of-the-box. There are no hidden costs.

Break free of freelancers

Stop searching for staff. Enjoy stability instead.

Save up to 80% vs local hiring

Developers work full-time, Mon-Fri

Communicate easily online (text or voice).

Try risk-free. Pay only if delighted.

Dedicated .NET/C# Developers

Hire .NET developers in minutes

Hire full-time remote .NET developers on demand.

Meticulously pre-vetted expert developers.

Low flat monthly fee. No hidden fees.

Month-to-month service. No lock-in.

Long-term stable staffing or short-term projects.

Sign up in minutes for an obligation-free trial.

Hire a .NET developer

Dedicated .NET Developers

Accelerate your .NET development projects

Get to market faster by expanding your development team with India's best outsourced talent.

Our developers typically become highly-valued long-term members of remote development teams. Hire month-to-month with no lock-in period.

Hire .NET/C# developers to build your dream
Reach more customers while cutting costs

Access Versatile Skills

Reach more customers while cutting costs

Do you let the skill sets of your current developers limit your choice of development frameworks and deployment platforms?

There is no need to miss out on revenue by limiting your deployment platforms, nor is there any need to use suboptimal development frameworks that blow out costs.

Instead, grow your bottom line by accessing the versatile skill sets of our experienced .NET developers.

We can build your .NET apps for desktop, web, cloud & mobile

Versions & Languages

  • .NET 5+
  • .NET Core
  • .NET Framework
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • F#


  • Xamarin
  • Telerik

Desktop Frameworks

  • UWP
  • WinUI
  • WPF
  • WinForms
  • GTK#
  • And more..

Web Frameworks

  • Razor Pages
  • Blazor
  • SignalR
  • MVC
  • And more..

Data & ORMs

  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • Redis

Other Technologies

  • MS Azure
  • WCF
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker
  • nUnit / xUnit
  • And more..
Shut the freelancer revolving door and enjoy stable staffing

Hire .NET Developers

Shut the freelancer revolving door and enjoy stable staffing

Cast aside the recruitment headaches, overhead costs, variable results and disappointments that drag you down when you hire freelancers.

Instead, build a close working relationship with the same professional developer to get better productivity, greater consistency, more commitment to your goals, and stronger results.

Remote React Developers

Collaborate easily with your remote developer

Mesh closely with your remote development team via your preferred online collaboration tools. Meet, chat and talk via voice or text (but not video).






And many more..

.NET (dotnet) Technologies
Build a cohesive global team

Hire a Development Team

Build a cohesive global team

When you hire a development team with us, we will help you build and coordinate a high-functioning team including:
  • cross-training team members
  • facilitating task collaboration
  • identifying and supporting team leaders
  • undertaking team-building activities
  • and so on.
Of course, if you want to hire just one developer then that's fine too!

It's easy to hire our .NET developers

Sign up in 2 minutes

Sign up in 2 minutes.
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Match .NET developer to project

We'll match a .NET developer to your project.

.NET developer works with you

The .NET developer starts working with you.

Pay only if happy

Pay only if you are delighted.

.NET developer price list

Skilled .NET Developer


Highly Trainable
  1. Full-time remote developer
  2. Works exclusively for you
  3. Great addition to any team
  4. Solid coding skills

One-week obligation-free trial.
No credit card required.

Seasoned .NET Developer


Best Choice for Most Projects
  1. Full-time remote developer
  2. Works exclusively for you
  3. A great choice for most projects
  4. Advanced coding skills

One-week obligation-free trial.
No credit card required.

Lead .NET Developer


Highly Experienced
  1. Full-time remote developer
  2. Works exclusively for you
  3. Suitable for complex projects
  4. Team leadership capabilities

One-week obligation-free trial.
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Frequently asked questions

That is correct. Simply place your order using the form above. You will not need to make any payment when you place your order nor will we ask for your credit card details. Once we receive your order we will match a developer to your needs and the developer will start working with you.
If you are happy with the developer's work then simply pay for the first month within 7 calendar days to continue service. If you are not happy, don't proceed. There is no obligation to do so.
Kindly note that we retain the copyright to all work that has not been paid for so the first seven days cannot be used to access free service for small jobs.
We use a three-stage progress to ensure your project is in good hands.
First, every developer we hire is carefully selected via a rigorous multi-staged assessment process which includes online and offline testing as well as a manual code review by a senior Australian programmer. Once the developer is hired, they undergo regular skill assessments and are provided with training tailored to their development needs.
Second, when you place your order you will have the opportunity to outline the work you intend to assign to the developer you are hiring. Our technical experts review the requirements carefully and then coordinate with our scheduling team to allocate the best possible developer (at the level you are paying for) from the available staff pool.
Third, once the developer is allocated to work with you, we closely monitor progress during the initial stages to ensure there are no barriers to the developer completing your assigned tasks efficiently and effectively.
Absolutely not. All staff assigned to you are full-time employees of our company working from our secured offices under supervision. As employees, our developers are bound by an employment agreement which includes clauses inserted for your protection, such as those relating to intellectual property, ownership of work produced and handling of confidential information.
We have strong staff retention rates and are able to offer a Staffing Stability Guarantee.
Our developers are motivated and hard-working and they work exclusively for you. For further peace of mind, our supervisors oversee attendance and ensure there are no barriers to your developer's productivity. This means that you genuinely get the development time you are paying for.
Further, to keep your data safe, our network is maintained by qualified administrators and we use appropriately licensed security software.
These safeguards do not apply when hiring freelancers.
We offer seamless communication channels to ensure that you are kept up-to-date on progress. All your assigned staff provide you work progress updates at intervals of your choice. They are available throughout their shift on instant messenger or Skype. You can also use tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Basecamp for communication if you prefer.
The copyright of the final work belongs to you. We reserve the right to re-use basic functions that are not specific to your project, such as a function to validate an email address.
Kindly note too that we retain the copyright to work produced in any period you have not paid for, so the first seven days cannot be used to access free service for small jobs.
We take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. Since we deal with a substantial amount of confidential information for our customers, we work from secured premises and carefully adhere to intellectual property laws. All staff are direct employees of our company and have non-disclosure clauses in their employment contracts to safeguard our clients' confidential information. Local laws, such as the Information Technology Act (India), also include criminal penalties for misuse or disclosure of information obtained electronically. Our Terms and Conditions include clauses to protect your confidential information and intellectual property as well.
Our prices are all-inclusive. You pay a simple flat monthly rate. There are no hidden fees. We cover the costs including wages, basic supervision, training, retirement benefits, health insurance, travel, office space, hardware, selected software, Internet, electricity and so on. The only exception is that if you want your assigned developer to use specific licensed commercial software, licensed digital assets or specific hardware then we would need to pass the cost on to you.
We provide basic supervision but not project management. We will ensure your developer attends work on time and works conscientiously throughout each shift. We are also on hand to assist if you have any questions or concerns about your developer. You retain control over the development process though. You assign work directly to your assigned developer(s) and they will report directly back to you each shift (or more often, if you wish) so that you can monitor their progress and issue further instructions.
Frequently Asked Questions

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