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Trusted by tech companies
Average Designer
8.7 Years
Customers Staying More Than 5 Years
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5+ Million

Why our web designers will make your brand stand out

Hefty Experience

Our web designers are industry professionals with an average experience of 8.7 years.

Creative Talent

We hire the top 1% to ensure you get attractive, modern, robust designs.

Turn-key service

Everything you need is provided out-of-the-box. There are no hidden costs.

Break free of freelancers

Stop searching for staff. Enjoy stability instead.

Save up to 80% vs local hiring.

Access creative & technical expertise.

Communicate easily online (text or voice).

Try risk-free. Pay only if delighted.

Dedicated Web Designers

Hire web designers in minutes

Hire full-time remote web designers on demand.
Meticulously pre-vetted expert designers.
Low flat monthly fee. No hidden fees.
Month-to-month service. No lock-in.
Long-term stable staffing or short-term projects.
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Web Design Samples

Technical Design Skills

Get ahead with the latest technical design skills

Impress your customers with content built with the latest design technologies. Our designers have expertise with the best latest frameworks and software, while also being adept with traditional design technologies and tools.
Tailwind CSS
Affinity Designer
And many more..
Web Designers
Web Designers

Faster Websites

Boost your conversions with blazing speed

Faster websites increase visitor engagement and rank higher in search engines. We can achieve near-instant page loads when we build or re-build your website with the latest technologies. Some technologies require both a web designer and a front-end developer.
VuePress Static Site Generator
And many more..

Need mobile UI design too? We can help.

Three mobile apps

Native Android UI Design

Beautiful Material Design compliant Android app interfaces that are intuitive, crisp and highly functional.

Native iOS UI Design

Smooth and attractive iOS user interfaces built to spec following Apple’s Human Interface Design Guidelines.

Progressive Web App UIs

Responsive cross-platform browser-based app interfaces to delight your users on any device.

Stand out on social media

Social Media Graphics

Stand out on social media

We build powerful eye-catching visuals to elevate your social media presence. We can deliver daily visuals to drive the omnipresence of your brand - ads, memes, infographics and more.

  • Facebook ads and branding
  • Instagram ads & stories
  • Twitter banner & posts
  • Web banner ads
  • Social media cover pages
  • Web branding design elements
  • And more

Print Design

Professional print graphics

Our web designers are skilled across all major fields of design so can create attractive print materials for your business. The possibilities are endless but include:

  • Print brochures
  • Posters
  • Infographics
  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Company stationery
  • And more
Professional Print Graphics
Shut the freelancer revolving door and enjoy stable staffing

Hire Web Designers

Shut the freelancer revolving door and enjoy stable staffing

Cast aside the recruitment headaches, overhead costs, variable results and disappointments that drag you down when you hire freelancers.

Instead, build a close working relationship with the same professional web designer to get better productivity, greater consistency, more commitment to your goals, and stronger results.

Remote Web Designers

Collaborate easily with your remote designer

Mesh closely with your remote design team via your preferred online collaboration tools. Meet, chat and talk via voice or text (but not video).
And many more..
Web Designers
Build a cohesive global team

Hire a Design Team

Build a cohesive global team

When you hire a design or development team with us, we will help you build and coordinate a high-functioning team including:
  • cross-training team members
  • facilitating task collaboration
  • identifying and supporting team leaders
  • undertaking team-building activities
  • and so on.
Of course, if you want to hire just one designer then that's fine too!

It's easy to hire our web designers

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Sign up in 2 minutes.
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We'll match a web designer to your project.
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Web designer price list

Seasoned Web Designer

Part-time: US$699/month
Full-time: US$1299/month

  1. Remote web designer
  2. High-quality designs
  3. Strong technical design skills
  4. Works exclusively for you
  5. Fluent English
No credit card required.
Lead Web Designer

Part-time: US$999/month
Full-time: US$1899/month

  1. Remote web designer
  2. Top quality designs
  3. Strong technical design skills
  4. Works exclusively for you
  5. Fluent English
No credit card required.
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Frequently asked questions

That is correct. Simply place your order using the form above. You will not need to make any payment when you place your order nor will we ask for your credit card details. Once we receive your order we will match a designer to your needs and the designer will start working with you.
If you are happy with the designer's work then simply pay for the first month within 7 calendar days to continue service. If you are not happy, don't proceed. There is no obligation to do so.
Kindly note that we retain the copyright to all work that has not been paid for so the first seven days cannot be used to access free service for small jobs.
We take the licensing of digital assets (such as images, videos, audio files, and so on) very seriously. Generally we recommend that you maintain control over your own digital asset licensing by subscribing directly with an appropriate vendor such as ShutterStock, Dreamstime, DepositPhotos, and so on. If you prefer, then your designer can choose and use digital assets from free digital asset libraries such as Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels, but the range of available digital assets tends to be more limited in that case. We are not able to work with non-free digital assets unless you hold the copyright or have a valid license for the intended use.
Absolutely not. All staff assigned to you are full-time employees of our company working from our secured offices under supervision. As employees, our designers are bound by an employment agreement which includes clauses inserted for your protection, such as those relating to intellectual property, ownership of work produced and handling of confidential information.
Our designers use properly licensed commercial design software and never use unlicensed digital assets - we won't leave you with ticking legal time bombs by incorporating unlicensed assets in your projects.
We have strong staff retention rates so are able to offer stable staffing.
For further peace of mind, our supervisors oversee attendance and ensure there are no barriers to your designer's productivity. This means that you genuinely get the work time you are paying for.
Finally, to keep your data safe, our network is maintained by qualified administrators and we use appropriately licensed security software.
These safeguards do not apply when hiring freelancers.
We offer seamless communication channels to ensure that you are kept up-to-date on progress. All your assigned staff provide you work progress updates at intervals of your choice. They are available throughout their shift on instant messenger or Skype. You can also use tools like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Basecamp for communication if you prefer (without video).
The copyright of the final work belongs to you, with the exception of any third-party digital assets, such as images and videos, used in your project - such digital assets are subject to the licensing terms of the vendor or copyright owner. Typically, any digital assets we provide cannot be redistributed or used for derivative works, but they can be used in the product we have built.
We recommend that you subscribe directly to your preferred digital asset vendor (e.g. Shutterstock, Dreamstime, DepositPhotos) so that you have full control of your digital asset licensing.
Kindly note too that we retain the copyright to work produced in any period you have not paid for, so the introductory trial period cannot be used to access free service for small jobs.
We take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. All staff are direct employees of our company and have non-disclosure clauses in their employment contracts to safeguard our clients' confidential information. Local laws, such as the Information Technology Act (India), also include criminal penalties for misuse or disclosure of information obtained electronically. Our Terms and Conditions include clauses to protect your confidential information and intellectual property as well.
Our prices are all-inclusive. You pay a simple flat monthly rate. There are no hidden fees. We cover the costs including wages, basic supervision, training, retirement benefits, health insurance, travel, office space, hardware, selected software, Internet, electricity and so on. The only exception is that if you want your assigned designer to use specific licensed commercial software, licensed digital assets or specific hardware then we would need to pass the cost on to you.
We provide basic supervision but not project management. We will ensure your designer attends work on time and works conscientiously throughout each shift. We are also on hand to assist if you have any questions or concerns about your designer. You retain control over the design process though. You assign work directly to your assigned designer(s) and they will report directly back to you each shift (or more often, if you wish) so that you can monitor their progress and issue further instructions.
Frequently Asked Questions

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