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No fuss month-to-month hiring for the short- or long-term.

Hire a web designer in India

Web designer price list

Web Designer

Part-time: US$699/month

Full-time: US$1299/month

  • Remote web designer

  • High-quality designs

  • Strong technical design skills

  • Works exclusively for you

  • Fluent English

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Web Designer

Part-time: US$999/month

Full-time: US$1899/month

  • Full-time remote expert

  • Works exclusively for you

  • Suitable for complex projects

  • Team leadership capabilities

  • Fluent English

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Hire a web designer to make your brand stand out

Hefty Experience

Our web designers are industry professionals with an average experience of 8.7 years.

Creative Talent

We hire the top 1% to ensure you get attractive, modern, robust designs.

Turn-key service

Everything you need is provided out-of-the-box. There are no hidden costs.

Break free of freelancers

Stop searching for staff. Enjoy stability instead.

Save up to 80% vs local hiring

Access creative & technical expertise.

Communicate easily online (text or voice).

Try risk-free. Pay only if delighted.

Web Design Samples

Technical Design Skills

Get ahead with the latest technical design skills

Impress your customers with content built with the latest design technologies. Our designers have expertise with the best latest frameworks and software, while also being adept with traditional design technologies and tools.
Tailwind CSS
Affinity Designer
And many more..
Web Designers
Web Designers

Faster Websites

Boost your conversions with blazing speed

Faster websites increase visitor engagement and rank higher in search engines. We can achieve near-instant page loads when we build or re-build your website with the latest technologies. Some technologies require both a web designer and a front-end developer.
VuePress Static Site Generator
And many more..

Need mobile UI design too? We can help.

Three mobile apps

Native Android UI Design

Beautiful Material Design compliant Android app interfaces that are intuitive, crisp and highly functional.

Native iOS UI Design

Smooth and attractive iOS user interfaces built to spec following Apple’s Human Interface Design Guidelines.

Progressive Web App UIs

Responsive cross-platform browser-based app interfaces to delight your users on any device.

Stand out on social media

Social Media Graphics

Stand out on social media

We build powerful eye-catching visuals to elevate your social media presence. We can deliver daily visuals to drive the omnipresence of your brand - ads, memes, infographics and more.

  • Facebook ads and branding
  • Instagram ads & stories
  • Twitter banner & posts
  • Web banner ads
  • Social media cover pages
  • Web branding design elements
  • And more

Print Design

Professional print graphics

Our web designers are skilled across all major fields of design so can create attractive print materials for your business. The possibilities are endless but include:

  • Print brochures
  • Posters
  • Infographics
  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Company stationery
  • And more
Professional Print Graphics

Need a development team?

Hire Front-End Developers

Delight your customers with a fresh, fast, modern touch and gain a competitve edge. React, Vue, Svelte, Angular & more.

Hire Node.js Developers

Add a back-end specialist to your team to accelerate development of your full-stack apps. MERN Stack ready.

Hire Laravel Developers

These developers not only have Laravel expertise but are also skilled with at least one major front-end framework.

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