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Strong Core Skills
  1. Full-time remote developer
  2. Great addition to any team
  3. Solid coding skills

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Seasoned React Developer


Depth and Breadth of Skills
  1. Full-time remote developer
  2. A great choice for most projects
  3. Advanced coding skills

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Lead React Developer


Highly Experienced
  1. Full-time remote developer
  2. Suitable for complex projects
  3. Team leadership capabilities

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Expect nothing less than the best when you hire a React developer from Support Resort.

We conduct rigorous interviews with hundreds of developers every day, meticulously hand-picking the cream of the crop. Save yourself the hassle of sifting through mediocre developers and unlock direct access to India's premier talent pool by hiring through Support Resort.

"Your company has my respect, I never thought things would work out as well as they have. Congratulations to you all for such a wonderful service."

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True React expertise

Expand your front-end coding capabilities by hiring ReactJS developers with superior expertise across the React ecosystem, such as Next.js, MERN, GraphQL, Prisma, React Native, Jest, and more.

World-class code

Get better results while slashing costs when you hire React developers from our elite squad in India - hand-picked from our world-class talent search. We only recruit the top 1%, so you get the best.

Rock-solid reliability

Since 2003, we have been the go-to choice for business owners in need of outstanding web development services. We'd love to become the invisible force that drives your business growth too.

Save up to 80% vs local ReactJS developers.

Our ReactJS developers work full-time, Mon-Fri.

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What type of React development project are you planning?

  • Fast Dynamic Websites

    Our React developers can convert your existing site to Next.js to deliver blazing fast performance while using prebuilt npm modules to fast-track development and slash your development costs. If you want a fresh design, our web designers craft beautiful designs that will impress.

  • Single Page Apps

    Single Page Apps (SPAs) can provide your users with a slick and speedy experience that is tailored to their needs and actions. SPAs can be useful when building focused sections of your website or app, such as order systems, product catalogs, online tools and a great deal more.

  • SaaS Apps

    Build your SaaS apps faster! At Support Resort, you can easily hire React developers who specialize in SaaS development. These talented SaaS developers have robust hands-on experience building user interfaces and coding critical SaaS features such as authentication, APIs, user management, permissions, settings, internationalization and much more.

  • React Native Apps

    Our React Native developers can get your app to market faster and at lower cost by developing your app for all popular platforms from a single code base. We code once then deploy across iOS, Android, desktop and even television devices. Please see our Mobile App Developers page for further details.

  • MERN Stack Apps

    Our ReactJS developers are well prepared for full-stack web development projects using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React & Node.js) as well as Next.js. Book a trial today to discover for yourself the exceptional value we provide through our combination of highly skilled ReactJS developers and low prices.

  • Other Custom Apps

    We complete React.js projects of any complexity and can use a wide range of technologies within the React/Javascript ecosystem. Please Contact Us Today to discuss how we can boost your React and Javascript coding capabilities at low cost.

We can work with your preferred React stack


  • React
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Sass
  • And more...


  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • React Native
  • Remix
  • Nest.js
  • And more...


  • Material UI
  • React Bootstrap
  • Ant Design
  • Chakra UI
  • And more...


  • GraphQL GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • Prisma Prisma
  • SQL
  • MongoDB / NoSQL
  • And more...


  • Webpack
  • Vite
  • Jest
  • Testing Library
  • Vitest
  • And more...

Get easy access to full-stack React skills

Our React.js developers are typically skilled with:

  • React, Next.js and Node.js
  • Typescript and ES6 Javascript
  • CSS 3 and Tailwind CSS
  • Database systems like Mongo DB and MySQL, as well as Prisma
  • GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Progressive Web Apps and React Native
React Development Technologies
Two React developers discussing a web development problem

Hire a React Developer

We know... soft skills matter too

We understand that hiring React developers with sharp technical skills is not all you need for a successful outcome. Our React.js developers have the soft skills and support needed to perform at their best, including:

  • Clear and effective English - communicate easily via Slack, Zoom, etc
  • Good initiative and troubleshooting skills
  • A genuine commitment to delivering value to you
  • Further support and escalation pathways when needed

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React Developer FAQ

We are proud to lead the industry when it comes to developer experience, and on average our developers have over 8 years of coding experience. Some of our senior React developers even have decades of coding experience, though of course not all with React since it hasn't been around that long. The experience level of individual ReactJS developers varies but all our developers have robust exposure, strong coding skills and are well-trained across a range of relevant technologies.

Absolutely. You can trial a ReactJS developer obligation-free for up to one week to ensure they are a good fit for your requirement before you take the final decision as to whether to hire them. You can Sign Up for a trial within minutes. No payment is required and we won't ask for your credit card details. Once we receive your trial request, we will match a ReactJS developer to your needs and arrange for the developer to commence working with you.

After trialing the developer, if you would like to proceed then simply confirm the hire by the end of the one-week trial period and pay your first month's fee, and we will reserve the developer to continue working with you accordingly. Your first month's payment will then cover the month starting from the first day of the trial period, and service will be provided on a month-to-month basis after that. You can cancel at any time to avoid further charges.

If you don't wish to proceed with hiring the developer following the trial, no payment is required.

We sure do. We nurture full-stack skills in all our developers so have back-end developers with React skills, including developers who specialize in Node.js, PHP, Python or .NET. We also have specialist front-end developers with Node.js skills. Please Contact Us Today to discuss your needs and we will carefully match a developer with React.js skills to your requirement.

When you hire ReactJS developers, ensure they have the following minimum React skill set:

  • Hands-on ReactJS experience including detailed knowledge of core ReactJS concepts like components and hooks
  • Excellent vanilla JavaScript coding skills including ECMA2015 (ES6)
  • Sound knowledge of the React ecosystem including frameworks, coding libraries, popular third-party components and developer tools
  • Unit testing skills including knowledge of at least one React testing tool (e.g. Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library)
  • An advanced understanding of Typescript, GraphQL, REST APIs, Sass and of course HTML5 & CSS3
  • Experience with substantial React frameworks like Next.js and/or React Native provides further evidence of comprehensive ReactJS exposure

We strive to hire and train developers to ensure you get both a depth and breadth of skill when you hire a React developer from Support Resort.

A good rule of thumb is that hiring a freelancer is the best option for small ad hoc projects but that hiring a dedicated developer from a reputable React.js development company is a better choice for more substantial projects and/or longer-term requirements. For more detail as to why this is the case, please see our article on Dedicated Software Developers vs Freelancers.

React, also known as ReactJS or React.js, is used to build user interfaces for the web whereas React Native is a React framework that enables you to build apps for mobile devices. If your goal is to build only a web app, then you can hire a React developer to build the front-end using React. If your goal is to build an app for both web and mobile devices, then hire a React Native developer who is also skilled with React. Having both skill sets within a single developer with help to smooth and expedite the development process.

If you have a mobile app development project in mind then a React Native app or Progressive Web App are two great options.

Support Resort can provide React Native developers on request, and usually they have Progressive Web App skills too. Most of our React developers are also proficient with the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) as well as other relevant technologies.

We expend massive effort to find the very best developers in India to ensure that our customers get better results than our competitors are able to provide. We interview hundreds of developers daily and hire less than the top 1% of applicants in our endless search for genuinely top talent. We believe this is why three quarters of our customers have continued to hire our developers for more than five years.

So when you choose Support Resort, you can expect to be assigned a React.js developer you can count on. See for yourself today by signing up for an obligation-free trial, or Contact Us - we would love to discuss what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

React.js and Next.js Continue to surge

React has become clearly established as the most popular front-end Javacript framework for serious web development. Next.js in turn is the leading React framework, making it possible to build full-stack web applications.

In November 2023, there were over 90.8 million downloads of the React npm package - nearly four times as many as Vue.js (17.6 million), Svelte (4.0 million) and Angular (1.8 million) combined.

Similarly, Next.js has grown in popularity and, in the three months ended 30 November 2023, Next.js has been averaging more than 20 million downloads per month - a 35% increase compared with a year earlier.

React & Next.js: Widely used and admired

According to the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 42.87% of professional developers used React during the survey year - a dominance rivalled only by Node.js (42.73%).

Next.js was the clear front-runner among React frameworks, with 17.3% of professional developers using Next.js followed by 2.5% using Gatsby.

In the same survey, both React and Next.js were among the most admired web technologies, with 63.6% of respondents reporting that they admire React and 65.6% admiring Next.js.

Why use React?

  • React has a huge and rich ecosystem

    Apart from full-blown React-based frameworks like Next.js and React Native, the React community has compiled a broad and diverse collection of frameworks, coding libraries, components and tools which help accelerate development. The React project itself is well maintained by Meta (Facebook) and other developers.

  • React powers high-performance apps

    The React virtual DOM optimises the activity of the real DOM, making your React-powered websites and web apps faster and more robust. Server-side rendering in React also provides a speed boost.

  • React can deliver extreme website speed

    React underpins static site generator technologies like Next.js and Gatsby. Static site generators impress website visitors with instant page loads and a user experience that is so smooth it induces a positive emotional response. Faster page speeds help improve your website search engine rankings too.

  • React encourages clean code

    React uses a declarative code paradigm. Declarative code specifies what is being done rather than how it is being done. It’s easier to work with and faster for a new developer to pick up if you need to replace the original coder. That’s important if you are outsourcing work to a React.js development company, though at Support Resort, our customers enjoy exceptional staffing stability.

  • React drives faster development

    Complex systems can be built by developing React components individually, then those separate components can be combined to form the whole. This means that each component can be developed by a different developer or development team, which is a huge advantage if you want to hire remote React developers to fast-track development.

  • React components can be re-used

    Individual React components can be re-used easily in other projects when relevant, saving time and money. Third-party components can be added easily to your React projects too and many useful ones are available within the React ecosystem, such as these top UI component libraries.

  • React plays nicely with others

    React is a Javascript user interface library that performs the View function within the Model-View-Controller architecture. In simple terms, that means it renders the front-end user interface and facilitates interaction with the user. The rest of the system can be built with your preferred technology stack, with popular stacks including MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node.js), Python-Django-React and PHP-Laravel-React.

  • React apps are easy to optimize

    React code can be packed efficiently using tools like WebPack so that your codebase only contains the code you are actually using. This contrasts with traditional Javascript libraries like jQuery which typically include segments of code that are irrelevant to your project.

  • Legacy React code keeps working

    React code is backwardly compatible so your legacy code will always work. So your React code is automatically future-proofed in this respect.

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