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Typical Profile of a React Developer at Support Resort

  • React coding skillsReact coding skills: 4 — 5 stars
  • ES6 JavascriptExcellent ES6 Javascript skills
  • Typescript, GraphQL, Rest APITypescript, GraphQL, REST APIs, Sass, HTML, CSS
  • React EcosystemDetailed exposure to React ecosystem
  • Full-Stack DevelopersFull-stack coding expertise (e.g. MERN)
  • Fluent EnglishClear and effective written English
  • Quick learnersVerified ability to learn quickly
  • Varied technologiesBroad exposure to additional technologies
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What is React?

React is a free and open source front-end Javascript library. Since being developed by Facebook (now Meta) in 2013, it has become the most popular choice for developing user interfaces for web apps.

React's Popularity is Surging

Angular vs Vue vs React popularity

In January 2022, React had over five times as many downloads on npmjs.com than both Angular and Vue.js. React has averaged more than 5.3 million downloads per month for the last 3 months, which is a 44.5% increase over the same period a year before.

React is a delight for developers to work with and was amongst the most loved web frameworks in the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

What can React be used for?

React can be used to build the user interface (UI) for virtually any website or online application, such as:

Why Use React?

React is the world’s most popular UI library. Its flagship features often make React apps fast and compact. Its declarative code and modular structure simplify and accelerate development.

React powers high-performance web apps

The React virtual DOM optimises the activity of the real DOM, making your React-powered websites and web apps faster and more robust. We have explained further about the React virtual DOM below. Server-side rendering in React also provides a speed boost.

React can deliver extreme website speed

React underpins static site generator technologies like Next.js and Gatsby. Static site generators impress website visitors with instant page loads and a user experience that is so smooth it induces a positive emotional response. Faster page speeds help improve your website search engine rankings too.

Clean Code

React uses a declarative code paradigm which is relatively easy to understand and debug. Declarative code specifies what is being done rather than how it is being done. It’s easier to work with and faster for a new developer to pick up if you need to replace the original coder. That’s important if you are outsourcing work to a React.js development company, since outsourcing companies often have high staff turnover.

Support ResortSupport Resort enjoys excellent staff retention, which is one of the reasons our customers typically work with the same developer for years and why we are able to offer a Staffing Stability Guarantee.

Faster development

Complex systems can be built by developing React components individually, then those separate components can be combined to form the whole. This means that each component can be developed by a different developer or development team, which is a huge advantage if you want to hire remote React developers to fast-track development.

Reusable Components

Individual React components can be re-used easily in other projects when relevant, saving time and money. Third-party components can be added easily to your React projects too and many useful ones are available within the React ecosystem, such as these top UI component libraries.

React plays nicely with other technologies

React is a Javascript user interface library that performs the View function within the Model-View-Controller architecture. In simple terms, that means it renders the front-end user interface and facilitates interaction with the user. The rest of the system can be built with your preferred technology stack, with popular stacks including MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node.js), Python-Django-React and PHP-Laravel-React.

Support ResortAll our React developers are proficient with the MERN stack and others. Conversely, many of our PHP developers, Python programmers and Node.js developers are skilled with React.

Package optimization

React code can be packed efficiently using tools like WebPack so that your codebase only contains the code you are actually using. This contrasts with traditional Javascript libraries like jQuery which include segments of code that are irrelevant to your project.

Backward-compatible code

React code is backwardly compatible so your legacy code will always work. So your React code is automatically future-proofed in this respect.

React has a huge & rich ecosystem

Apart from full-blown React-based frameworks like Next.js and React Native, the React community has compiled a broad and diverse collection of frameworks, coding libraries, components and tools which help accelerate development. The React project itself is well maintained by Meta (Facebook) and other developers. For more information about the React ecosystem please see our List of the Best React Frameworks, Coding Libraries, UI Libraries and Developer Tools.

The React Virtual DOM Explained

Every web page can be represented by a Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM specifies the page as a tree structure of HTML elements with attributes. For example, a page may have a TITLE element with a text attribute of “My Page”. In the DOM, each HTML element is referred to as a node. The tree structure shows relationships between the nodes (elements). For example, the TITLE node would normally be a child of the HEAD node.

This structured portrayal of the page as a DOM makes it possible for Javascript and other scripting languages to traverse and modify the page. The DOM has an API (interface) which Javascript can use to interact with the DOM. The API provides methods which can be used in scripts to interact with the DOM. For example, document.title returns the web page title:

var myTitle = document.title;

A problem though with the DOM is that the document tree may be very large – especially for single page apps - so traversing it every time an interaction with the page is needed takes time, slowing down the performance of the page or app. This is the problem that React’s virtual DOM attempts to solve.

React’s Virtual DOM is like a more concise local version of the real DOM. React can interact with it with speed and brevity. One way React does this is that React never wastes time reading the real DOM - the virtual DOM keeps track of everything and writes targeted updates to the real DOM when required. React is therefore able to efficiently keep track of the specific changes to be made to the real DOM, and it can update the real DOM in a streamlined way.

What is server-side rendering in React and why does it matter?

React server-side rendering features make it possible to pre-render the state of React components on the server side, resulting in faster page load times since there is no need for Javascript code to be downloaded and executed on the client side. This is another way React improves the user experience.

Hiring a React Developer In India

How To Choose a Top React Developer

What React skills do strong React.js developers have?

When you hire React developers, ensure they have the following minimum React skill set:

  • Hands-on experience with React including detailed knowledge of core ReactJS concepts like components and hooks
  • Excellent vanilla JavaScript coding skills including ECMA2015 (ES6)
  • Sound knowledge of the React ecosystem including frameworks, coding libraries, popular third-party components and developer tools
  • Unit testing skills including knowledge of at least one React testing tool (e.g. Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library)
  • An advanced understanding of Typescript, GraphQL, REST APIs, Sass and of course HTML5 & CSS3
  • Experience with substantial React frameworks like Next.js and/or React Native provides further evidence of comprehensive ReactJS exposure

Support ResortAt Support Resort, we ensure that all our React developers meet the above criteria before deployment.

Should you hire an outsourced dedicated developer or a freelancer?

A good rule of thumb is that hiring a freelancer is the best option for small ad hoc projects but that hiring a dedicated developer from a reputable React.js development company is a better choice for more substantial projects and/or longer-term requirements. For more detail as to why this is the case, please see our article on Dedicated Experts vs Freelancers.

Insist on outstanding React development skills

When you hire React developers, make sure they have advanced React skills and hands-on project experience with React. They should be familiar with all the core React concepts like the virtual DOM, React hooks, React components, server-side rendering, and so on. They should be able to explain the use cases for popular React modules and useful React tools. It will be icing on the cake if they are familiar with technologies that take React to the next level, such as Next.js.

Support ResortAt Support Resort, we have done the hard work for you by only hiring ReactJS developers who are verified high performers with bona fide React skills plus elegant code and robust logic. Our standards are so high that we in fact hire only the top 1% of job applicants. Read about our World Class Talent Search.

Clear English communication is essential

Communicating with a remote React developer can be challenging, especially if your projects are complex but sometimes even if they are not. Make sure that, when you hire remote React developers, they have a standard of English that is sufficient to communicate clearly on complex topics.

Support ResortAt Support Resort, we are always careful to ensure that every developer we hire can communicate clearly and effectively in written English.

Escalation pathways are your insurance policy

A particular problem with hiring freelancers is that there is nowhere to turn if the freelancer encounters problems or otherwise fails to deliver. Similar problems can occur if you do not choose your React.js development company wisely. Look for a well-established ReactJS development company and discuss your project(s) with them in detail before engaging any of their developers. Ask the company what their procedure will be if problems occur.

Support ResortAt Support Resort, senior staff provide Advanced Corporate Support whenever you require it, and we will never let you down. That said, problems are not common and as a result our customer retention rate is extremely high, with three quarters of our customers staying with us for over 5 years.

Value for money and low prices are not the same thing

Low prices only represent good value for money when the quality of the service is relatively high. An advantage of hiring React developers through an offshore React.js development company like Support Resort is that the prevailing wage rates in those offshore locations tend to be lower. Still, it can be very hard to find developers who perform at the standard you expect, so take full advantage of any trial period available by testing the developer’s skills and knowledge during that time.

Support ResortAt Support Resort we want to be sure that every customer is delighted with our service before we ask them for a single cent. That’s why we offer a completely obligation-free trial – so that you can be sure you know what skills you are getting before deciding whether to proceed.


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How to Hire a React Developer in India

You can hire a React developer in India very easily. Simply complete the Try a React Developer Obligation-Free form on this page to give us a brief overview of your requirements. We will review your requirements and get back to you promptly with developer details and prices. If you would then like to trial a developer, we can set up an obligation-free trial for you. If you want to continue working with the developer(s), simply make your first payment by the end of the trial period and the developer will continue work accordingly.

Our React Development Philosophy

We have a passion for technical innovation and closely monitor industry trends and emerging technologies within the React ecosystem and in relation to other relevant technologies. We are not fad chasers, but we recognize that some technologies are hot for good reason, and we assess each technology on its merits. When important new technologies are identified, we incorporate them into our training programs and corporate discussions so that we can use those technologies for your benefit.

Major React-Related Technologies: React Native & Next.js

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework that works with React to produce cross-platform mobile apps. React Native apps can be written once then deployed on both Android and iOS devices. Some platform-specific code is required but much of the code will be common to both the iOS and Android versions of the app. This common code slashes development time since it is no longer necessary to build two completely separate apps: one for iOS and one for Android.

React versus React Native developers: Which do you need?

React.js Development Company Philosophy

React is used to build user interfaces for the web whereas React Native is a React framework that enables you to build apps for mobile devices. If your goal is to build only a web app, then you can hire a React developer to build the front-end using React. If your goal is to build an app for both web and mobile devices, then hire a React Native developer who is also skilled with React. Having both skill sets within a single developer with help to smooth and expedite the development process.

Support ResortSupport Resort can provide React Native developers on request, and usually they have Progressive Web App skills too. Most of our React developers are also proficient In the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) as well as other Node.js technologies.

What is Next.js?

Next.js is a React framework that optimizes websites through hybrid static and server side rendering (SSR). These technologies make websites faster than traditional client-side rendered (CSR) websites. Next.js also improves the developer experience through TypeScript support and various other features.

Support ResortYou can hire Next.js developers with advanced React skills through Support Resort.

React Alternatives: Angular, Vue, Svelte

Angular vs React

Angular is a full-featured front-end toolkit built on Typescript and developed by Google as a complete rewrite of AngularJS. Angular uses a real DOM so does not provide the efficiency benefits of the React virtual DOM, so data-heavy Angular apps may be slower. Angular features both one- and two-way data binding which can simplify development but potentially reduces app stability compared with React.

React vs Vue.js

Vue.js is a well-crafted and carefully refined framework that is an excellent choice for building apps and UIs of any size. Like React, Vue features an MVC architecture and a virtual DOM. Unlike React, Vue uses HTML templates by default, making the code more accessible to designers than React, as well as permitting a smooth migration from existing systems to Vue. With built-in performance optimization, Vue cleverly balances the need for speed with the scope to build complex apps.

React vs Svelte

There is a lot to love about Svelte. It uses technical wizardry to produce highly compact apps with blistering speed. Svelte is a compiler - it generates vanilla Javascript so that you have precisely the code you need without any framework overhead. In this way, Svelte's "disappearing framework" sets it apart from other frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. Svelte is an excellent choice for projects of any size and complexity.

Support ResortAt Support Resort we have Angular, Vue and Svelte experts available. Please Contact Us to find out more.


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List of the Best React Frameworks, Coding Libraries, UI Libraries and Developer Tools

12 Top React Frameworks & Coding Libraries

The rich React ecosystem includes many useful modules to help accelerate the development process. The most popular and useful include:


The 12 Most Useful React Tools for Developers


The 12 Best UI Component Libraries For React

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