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Get the top 1% when you hire a Laravel developer

We meticulously interview hundreds of developers every day to ensure that we find you the cream of the crop. Stop sifting through sub-par developers and get direct access to the top talent available in India.

"We are very happy with Manu's work and your customer service and I anticipate a long business relationship with Support Resort."

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Southampton, UK

Tech companies and entrepreneurs just like you choose us to build superior Laravel products

Trusted by tech companies
Average Coder
8.3 Years
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More Than 5 Years
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5+ Million
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21 Years

Hire Laravel developers with specialized full-stack skills

Industry Heavyweights

With an average of 8.3 years of experience, our developers are unusually productive.

Ecosystem Expertise

Our developers will harness the power of the Laravel ecosystem to fast-track development.

Full-Stack Proficiency

Optimize your front-end and back-end by hiring a Laravel developer who is genuinely proficient with both.

Save up to 80% vs local developers.

Developers work full-time from Monday to Friday.

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Rapid development backed by robust ecosystem expertise
Laravel's ecosystem boasts a rich set of mature packages that enable our Laravel developers to build you better Laravel applications, faster.
  • Laravel Starter Kits

    Our Laravel developers can use a Laravel starter kit such as Jetstream or Breeze to get your project off to a flying start if you wish.
    Laravel Jetstream is an application starter-kit that handles authentication while also providing optional team management features. Laravel Breeze is a minimalist starter kit that provides a simple authentication system and a user profile page. Both Jetstream and Breeze are designed using Tailwind CSS and can be integrated with either Livewire or Inertia.
  • Modern Front-End Solutions

    Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that simplifies the development of dynamic UI components directly within PHP. This powerful framework supports a wide array of components.
    Inertia is a Javascript library that is great for building UIs for single-page app - no APIs or client-side routing required. Inertia helps Laravel produce views containing React, Vue or Svelte components.
  • Authentication Solutions

    Our Laravel developers can use Laravel Passport, Laravel Sanctum, Laravel Socialite and/or Laravel Fortify to develop your authentication processes rapidly, or can build you a custom solution from scratch if you prefer. However, using these quality packages from the Laravel ecosystem is advisable since they tend to cut development time, thereby reducing costs.
  • Billing Solutions

    Laravel Cashier is a billing and subscription management library that streamlines the integration of subscription billing processes and payment processing into Laravel applications.
    Laravel Spark is a commercial package built on top of Cashier that can be used to develop both recurring billing features and a polished billing portal for end-clients.
  • Administration Panels

    Laravel Nova fast-tracks the development of backend administration panels and dashboards. Nova makes it easy to build interfaces to view, explore and interact with your data, all in the context of a professional dashboard with modern features. Although Laravel Nova is a commercial product, it is reasonably priced, especially given the development time saved.
  • Developing With Docker

    Laravel Sail offers a streamlined command-line interface to interact with Laravel's default Docker development environment. It serves as an excellent foundation for constructing Laravel applications using PHP, MySQL, and Redis, even for those without prior Docker expertise.
  • Real-Time Communication

    Laravel Echo is a Javascript library that can listen over WebSocket connections for events broadcast by Laravel, thereby enabling real-time communication within your Laravel apps. Common use cases include live chat, notifications, live updates, user presence channels, dashboards and more.
  • Other Laravel Packages

    Our Laravel developers can work with any Laravel packages, incuding: Dusk, Envoyer, Forge, Horizon, Mix, Octane, Scout, Telescope, Valet, Vapor and more.
    If a Laravel package is not available for your need, our developers can custom-build any features you require.

We have been crafting PHP solutions for over 20 years

If you're in search of a highly-skilled Laravel development team with a long and distinguished history of developing quality PHP solutions, grab the opportunity to connect with our experienced Laravel developers. No obligations, just expertise and excellence.

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Over 20 years Experience
Laravel developer working on a web development problem

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Soft skills that shine

What if we bring together the technical expertise and indispensable soft skills to provide you with developers who can make your experience truly delightful? Our Laravel developers possess the essential soft skills and support required to offer you the best outcomes, including:

  • Clear & effective English - communicate easily via Slack, Zoom, etc
  • Good initiative and troubleshooting skills
  • A genuine commitment to delivering value to you
  • Further support and escalation pathways when needed

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Laravel Developer FAQ

We spare no effort in identifying the most exceptional developers in India. By doing so, we ensure that our clients receive superior outcomes that set us apart from our competitors. Every single day, we interview hundreds of developers, tirelessly searching for truly exceptional talent. After a rigorous selection process, we accept less than 1% of all applicants. This unwavering commitment to quality is evident in the fact that over 75% of our clients have continued to rely on our developers for more than 5 years.

Choose Support Resort and have peace of mind knowing that you'll be paired with a talented Laravel developer. Experience the difference for yourself by registering for an obligation-free trial or get in touch with us. We're excited to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Certainly. All our Laravel developers are skilled with core (plain) PHP as well as Laravel, and they are skilled with a range of other relevant technologies as well, including front-end frameworks, database systems and more.

Our team of developers boasts an exceptional average of over 8 years of coding experience, establishing us as industry leaders in this domain. Many of our Laravel engineers have dedicated decades to coding, bringing a vast wealth of experience to the table. While individual Laravel developers may vary in experience, all of our professionals possess strong backgrounds, excellent coding abilities, and expertise in a wide range of relevant technologies.

Absolutely! Before making your final decision on whether to hire a Laravel developer, we offer you the opportunity to test their skills obligation-free. You can trial a developer for up to a week, ensuring they meet all your requirements. Signing up for a trial is quick and easy, and we won't ask for your credit card details. Once we receive your trial request, we'll carefully match a Laravel developer to your specific needs and make all the necessary arrangements for them to start working with you on a one-week trial basis. Rest assured, there are no strings attached!

Once you have completed the trial with the Laravel developer and are satisfied with their performance, simply confirm the hire by the end of the trial period and submit payment for the first month's fee. After that, service would be provided on a month-to-month basis, with your initial payment covering the month starting from the first day of the trial period. You can cancel service at any time.

If you decide not to continue with hiring the Laravel developer after the trial period, no payment will be necessary.

Yes, indeed! We have skilled Laravel developers who are proficient with popular front-end frameworks like React, Vue.js, Svelte, and/or Angular. We prioritize nurturing full-stack abilities in each of our Laravel developers. We have dedicated front-end specialists available for hire too. To discuss your needs further, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today.

In general, choosing a freelancer is a viable option for small, one-time tasks. However, for larger projects or long-term requirements, it is generally preferable to hire a dedicated Laravel developer from a reputable Laravel development firm. To explore the reasoning behind this further, we invite you to read our article on Dedicated Software Developers vs Freelancers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use Laravel?
Laravel has powerful features that are particularly advantageous if you are building a larger or more complex app, but which can potentially be of benefit for smaller apps too.
  • Laravel Encourages Robust Code

    Laravel utilizes the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which makes it easier to separate the codebase into logically distinct sections, thereby keeping the code well organized and easier to maintain.
  • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

    Laravel includes an ORM called Eloquent, streamlining database interactions and enabling Laravel developers to work with databases using an object-oriented syntax. Not only does this make the code more readable, it also means Laravel developers don't need to write as many raw SQL queries, which saves time and helps get the app to market faster.
  • Laravel's Rich Ecosystem

    The Laravel commmunity is large and active, and there are many plugin packages available that can be used to fast-track development of your app. For example, Laravel Passport provides a swift and robust way of implementing authentication for your application. Of course, faster development means lower development costs.
  • Database Migrations and Seeding

    By using migrations and seeders, Laravel offers an easy way to change database schemas and seed databases with sample data. Consequently, development team members can more easily share the database schema as well as handling version control more efficiently.
  • Artisan CLI

    Artisan is a powerful command-line tool that comes with Laravel. Artisan improves productivity by allowing developers to automate common tasks, generate boilerplate code, and carry out a number of other development-related tasks.
  • Laravel Middleware

    Laravel developers can filter HTTP requests as they are received by the Laravel application thanks to the middleware included in Laravel. Middleware offers an adaptable approach to managing activities like logging, authentication, and other tasks at different points in the request lifecycle, giving developers more scope to optimally handle security, performance and other issues.
  • Blade Templating Engine

    Laravel uses the Blade templating engine, which provides a straightforward and intuitive syntax for creating views. Blade makes it a breeze to develop dynamic and reusable templates with features like loops, conditionals, and template inheritance.
  • Testing Support

    Laravel comes with built-in support for PHPUnit, making it easier to write tests for your application. At Support Resort, our developers are familiar with developing unit tests to ensure your app is as robust and reliable as it can be.

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