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Cebu City in the Philippines

A Treasure Trove of Virtual Assistants

Cebu City is home to many call centers and BPO operations for leading global companies including JPMorgan Chase & Co, Amazon, Lexmark, Cognizant, Accenture and others. Like these companies, we chose to base our VA operations in Cebu for multiple reasons...

Customer Service Masters

The Philippines has established itself as the command center of global customer support operations due to the talent of its workforce. Over the years, Cebu City has developed such a depth and breadth of customer service and BPO expertise that it has become a juggernaut behind an increasing share of remote global operations.

Tertiary Qualified Graduates

Cebu is amply supplied with tertiary qualified graduates. The city has ten large universities and some with multiple campuses throughout the city. There are also more than a dozen specialty colleges that produce graduates with field-specific skills.

English Fluency

Many people in Cebu speak fluent English with a neutral accent. Their impressive fluency is the culmination of lifelong learning of English. In Cebu, English is taught from an early age and many schools have an English Only Policy (EOP). Even for schools without such a policy, there is an expectation of speaking English. Most TV programs for young people are in English, and some families integrate the use of English with their local dialect at home. English is often the preferred language for socializing too.

Given the above, you will not be surprised to discover that our virtual assistants in Cebu have genuine English proficiency which they put to good use to communicate smoothly with international customers.

Affinity with western culture

Our team in Cebu have an affinity with western culture. Cebu has a thriving metropolitan culture and the natural beauty of the region attracts many international tourists to Cebu. Popular local pastimes include shopping in the large malls, playing basketball, watching American films and television, and listening to western music.

This shared cultural understanding is important. It will help our Cebu-based virtual assistants build genuine rapport with your customers and will position them to notice and attend proficiently to all those little things that are required to create a genuinely satisfying customer experience.

Robust telecommunications infrastructure

Cebu is well equipped with fiber optic internet connections, high-speed mobile broadband, reliable electricity, substantial information technology suppliers and world-class information technology and business parks. In this environment, outages are rare, but we actively avoid downtime nonetheless through a suite of redundant facilities.

Other physical infrastructure in Cebu is continuously evolving as well, with improvements that will keep Cebu at the forefront of the fast-developing virtual assistant, BPO and IT industries.

A stable natural environment

Cebu City is located on an island in the Central Visayas, which is a group of islands in the central Philippines. The surrounding islands provide substantial natural shelter from typhoons and other extreme weather events, making Cebu less vulnerable to these threats compared with Manila. This makes Cebu a relatively stable choice for critical outsourced operations.

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