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The Best Location in India for Outsourced Software Developers

Our operations are based in Kerala, a state in southern India, because this beautiful tropical state offers a blend of benefits that are unmatched elsewhere.

Kerala’s Remarkably Rich IT Talent Pool

Kerala has been nurturing software developers and other IT talent on a dramatic scale ever since Technopark, India’s largest IT park, opened in 1990. Since then, Kerala has established a thorough ecosystem of IT talent with many heavily experienced developers, designers and system administrators pursuing their careers in Kerala.

Kerala boasts over 160 engineering colleges with a combined intake of over 60,000 undergraduate students and 9,000 post-graduate students each year. The outcome is a large supply of skilled graduates ready for careers in the information technology industry. Of course, it takes great effort and expertise to find the top talent from amongst this immense pool, but we find the best for you. You can read about our World-Class Talent Search if you wish.

The Best English in India

Back in 2003, we explored the IT recruitment markets in locations across India before settling on Kerala to base our operations. One of the decisive factors was the high standard of English in Kerala. This was not surprising since Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India.

In Kerala, English is taught from an early age so many people are fluent well before they enter the workforce. You can expect our team to communicate with you clearly and effectively – a benefit you will not necessarily enjoy elsewhere.

Natural Team Players

One thing that will strike you about our team in Kerala is how keen they are to please you. Cultural factors in Kerala engender hard work and devotion to group objectives. Our experts are relentlessly professional and genuinely motivated to deliver positive outcomes. Our customer service motto is Always At Your Service because that is where we genuinely feel we should be. We will do everything we can to help you succeed.

State-of-the-Art IT Parks

Kerala is home to three fabulous world-class IT parks. We were the first company to open offices in both of Kerala’s oldest and most prestigious IT parks – Technopark and Infopark. These parks house a thriving community with modern offices including robust telecommunications, electrical and physical infrastructure to ensure unabated productivity. We have shared these parks with national and international leaders like Oracle, IBM and Infosys, to name a few.

In India, the best IT parks attract the best IT talent. It’s as simple as that. Our presence in these parks is another factor that enables us to bring you the best talent that India has to offer.

High Quality of Life

Kerala arguably has the highest quality of life of all Indian states, with amongst the highest life expectancy, lowest child mortality rates and highest literacy rates in India. In fact, the literacy rate for women in Kerala is amongst the highest in Asia. Some 90% of people in Kerala own their own homes. The city lifestyle is similar to that in western countries. The health system is the best in India. In short, life in Kerala is great.

Low Cost of Living

Despite Kerala having the highest quality of life in India, the cost of living is among the lowest of all Indian states – in fact, only 4 out of 27 states enjoy a lower cost of living. As a result, IT experts in Kerala tend to have lower wage expectations than those in more expensive states, since each Rupee buys more in Kerala than it does in more expensive locations. We pay competitive wages and provide excellent working conditions, so our team are able to live fulfilling lives and enjoy quite an affluent lifestyle. Nevertheless, the lower cost of living in Kerala translates into lower prices for you.

Stable Geography and Climate

Nestled on the southwestern coast of India, Kerala is less prone to natural disasters than many other states. Although the warm drenching rains come every year and can cause flooding in parts of the state, our operations have never been interrupted due to flooding or any other natural disaster.

Enjoy The Benefits

In summary, our team in Kerala are highly skilled and enjoy excellent work conditions. We proudly bring Indian expertise to the world. We are confident you will not find better value elsewhere, because our team is exceptionally skilled, well equipped, and eager to help you achieve your goals.

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